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We offer this website as our current and up to date list of products, including sales and out-of-stocks. Please feel free to call with your order or questions to 800-726-8032 if you prefer a more “ancient” style of communication.

This beautiful 2005 catalog was our last, and is linkable here just for fun, the product selection has changed. (The baby you can almost see here – was born healthy and happy and is delighting us all as he grows up!)

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"It is absolutely amazing! I received the magic dress and it is beyond all my expectations. The color is perfect for me. It fits like it was made especially for me, it drapes and flows and is beautiful beyond words. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work to get me the perfect dress." - Fawn


2014 - Year of the Wood Horse

The year 2014 will be the Year of the Wooden Horse. The Horse will make it a dynamic year with rapid movements. It will not give us a dull moment. If anything, you can expect a whole lotta something going on! You see, the horse likes adventure. The horse is one of the ultimate animal expressions of the word freedom.

Wood is the cosmic element associated with growth, spring, something new coming out or breaking through, and with creativity. The 2014 Wood element has a positive polarity. This means that a seed will be planted, something new will be created. It will be a year for cooperation and helping each other, towards a higher purpose.

The Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But you have to act fast in a Horse year.

If you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it. Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong direction.

It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better.

Magic Dress
Magic Dress in performance

Look inside for all things ancient, symbolic, magical, mythical, renaissance, period or era, pagan, wiccan and Celtic. Magic, magick, magik – however you spell it, we can help you feel it. We have been studying and experiencing ancient sites and symbols for over 30 years… designing our products to reflect the diverse worldwide roots of spirituality of all the Green and living Earth.

Renaissance Magazine,
Back issues for sale, including issue #1 !!!
Only one copy of each issue available.
Call Annie at 707-459-2418 for current list & prices

Some quick links and descriptions below …


The Magic Dress:
Magic dresses are an incredible invention! My personal perennial favorite – you look like a million and yet feel like you are in your jammies –fashion at its most comfortable, now that is a magical gift! You can wear your magic dress in a number of different ways to reflect your personal style and the moment’s feeling – it’s an “any and all” occasion dress. Say Magic Dress and click your heels three times…if you could appear in my showroom and try one on – we could play with the many ways to wear it…next best thing is to trust the thousands of women who already own one and wouldn’t be without it! Two sizes fits almost everyone…really!

Cotton Tapestries & Wall Hangings:
100% Cotton Tapestries are our best sellers. We have the best quality and the most unique and desirable designs on the market - such as Green Man, Tree of Life, Triple goddess, Dragon knot, Celtic dancers, Wizard-lover-warrior-king, Web of life, Celtic horses, Faerie, Dragon gathering, Gothic dragon, Bone dragon, Dragon quadrille, Medieval labyrinth, Chalice well, Angel of Peace, Fire dragon, Phoenix or Fire bird, Herne the Hunter; a design literally for every magically thinking personality and alternative interest including gothic, fantasy, Celtic, Goddess, dragons, and mythic. Use them to decorate your wall or tent while you sport our festival clothing - renaissance and medieval fashion, faery lore and costume, magic dress, circlet, head piece, or fillet, medieval belt or girdle.

Flattering Womens Clothing and Costumes:
Lots of choices from street wear in celtic prints or fantasy costumes…check out our index of styles! We would love to dress you up in our flattering & fun designs …

Fun Men's Costumes and Ceremonial Clothing!
Pirates! Poets! Nobles! Celtic Cowboys! We have men’s fancy shirts, costumes, festival wear and cloaks, robes and Elvish Vests. Enter & Find our Fire dancer pants, Organic Cotton T-shirts with Celtic theme and other renaissance and period accessories that can magically turn any item of clothing into a fantasy statement.

Plus Size Goddess Wear:
Calling all curvaceous ones! When you need a special occasion cloak or a daily wear Celtic jacket to spice up your Yoga dress, be sure to check out the stylish plus-size dresses and accessories available from Ancient Circles. Your curvaceous silhouette is well presented in our flattering clothing.

We want to fit all generously sized women (up to XXXL) who wish to look gorgeous, sexy, romantic, flowing, in magic dress, fantasy, tribal or Celtic street wear. Goddess sizes galore, one-size and unisex abound. Our Goddess Gown is perfect for Priestess and initiate alike, and the Magic Dress can be ordered in an XXL size that fits up to 3X.

Green Fair Trade Items:
Organic Cotton tote bags with the Green man image – what a special item! Use this soft, oversized market tote which displays your dedication to Earth and future by what you put those organic veggies into…what could be more natural?
We now have some wonderful hand tufted organic cotton comforters and quilts made to Fair Trade standards, an EKO registered supplier plus Fair Trade organic cotton pillow cases and pillow covers, organic cotton Queen size and organic cotton King size Quilts and Comforters.

Celtic Home Fashions:
We can help you decorate your bedroom, wall, couch, table with our cotton Celtic design, dragon and fantasy tapestries. These tapestries are unique and different - true works of art that will enliven your imagination, your decor, your very heart of magical possibilities and offer a balm to the deep yearning for magick, meaning and symbology in your daily life. Goddess images on Silk Wall Hangings are yours as designed by Joannie Mitchell & hand painted by Balinese artists … an exclusive offering for your altar or other special location or event.

Ceremonial Circlets and Jewelry:
Circlet styles include the infinity circlet, the Winged Moon Circlet, the Triple Goddess, the Crescent Moon, Celtic Wheel, Celtic Pentagram Pentagram Fillets and more. Celtic knot design, Celtic silver jewelry, Elemental and pentacle or pentagram jewelry honoring the seasons and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. While you shop for celtic print clothing and celtic print textiles, symbolic jewelry , medieval jewelry, animal totems, faery adornments, ancient mythical creatures such as the dragon, the phoenix, the griffin, angels and fairies, God and Goddess, Green man and Egyptian symbols of Horus and the Sri Yantra, Om, a Chakra banner, the medieval labyrinth and Cretan labyrinth, Chalice Well cover (vesica pisces) Moon Phase, Triple Moon, Full Moon, and crescent moon jewelry, you can read about these symbols and their origins.

Don't forget our more unusual and hard-to-find items including Goddess images, Ceremonial wear, Druid Robe, Wizard robe, Wizard cloak, Dragon Fairy wing skirt and fairy tunic and Pagan jewelry. If you are traveling to ancient sites, you will be happy to protect your skin, and look good while wearing our flowing jackets that fit most sizes and several genders. Men - step out of that boring shirt and jeans and into our flowing celtic jacket with tribal wrap pants or tie pants underneath, or try on our Celtic Poet Shirt, Elvish Jacket or Celtic print Hapi coat (as worn by world-famous professional magicians).

You will be very pleased with our tribal and fire festival wear and adjustable fit of our wrap pants. Custom tapestry trim cloaks will set you out of the ordinary and into the unusual and wyrrd you want to create. Lord of the Rings style Riders of Rohan cloaks are not beyond our trimmed cloak finds. Harry Potter has nothing on our wizard robe and magical costumes. fantasy for all ages and for all budgets - With just a Celtic or dragon print scarf and sarong, you can make magic - take it from me - your fantasy designer. Have fun! Be happy! Honor the Past, Live fully in the present, and create your own symbolic and mythical future. . .

Blessed Be!
Anne Brigit Waters


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