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These are sturdy 100% cotton printed tapestries - colorfast, pre shrunk and machine washable.
83 x 93 inches

We take great pride in bringing you these works of art. We collaborate with local and international artists to interprete ancient symbolic images. We know you can buy cheap cloth printed with Celtic designs, but when you purchase from Ancient Circles, you will receive the highest quality and most interesting original designs. All of our designs are copyright protected, and we have not granted anyone permission to use our designs. If you see our designs poorly copied and printed on cheap cloth, know the design has been pirated.

Click on any tapestry below for a more detailed image and color choices.

All Tapestries are Queen Size
Approx 80" x 100" unless otherwise indicated.
Regular price $39.00

Selected Designs 25% off:
Sale Price $30.00

All of our designs are copyright protected.
We have not granted anyone permission to copy them.
If you see our designs poorly copied and printed on cheap cloth, know the design has been pirated.

Color swatches at bottom of page

Click image for colors and detailed image
#CT 26  Phoenix
Click image for colors and detailed image

#CT 7 – Bone Dragon - $39

The ancient ancestor and guardian of
the Earth and Her treasures.

#CT 26 – Phoenix - $39
Rising from the fires of transformation,
we are rebirthed.
Color: Fire

#CT 22 – Tree of Life
#CT 22 – Tree of Life - $39 (80” x 100)
Colors: Emerald Green (shown), Green

#CTS 22 – Tree of Life - $25 (52” x 76”) $25
Single Size Sale price 3 for $58.00
Colors: Lt Green (shown), Blue, Purple, Autumn Red

Divine and Sacred to all Ancient cultures, we Honor the Tree of Life as giver of Life, and its branches calling down the rain, its roots communicating through earthen network. All Beings are Related as we are a part of the ongoing path of All Life — the rooted & connected forest, the fish in clear waters, the humans in our heady realm. The myths of the Celts are contained within this image.

#CT 1 – Web of Life

#CT 2 – Celtic Pentagram

#CT 1 Web of Life Bedspreads - $39
All of life is interwoven...
we are all related

Green, Golden Amber, Red

#CT 2 Celtic Pentagram - $39
- Out of Stock

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit...
moving together create all life

.... We have had this tapestry for years and the label was still readable!

I am very grateful as the tapestry has significance for both the girls.
It once hung as a divider in their room during those wonderful adolescent years
and has been our blanket on many a outdoor concert.
Now i will be able to replace the old one and give them each one for the winter holidays!

- Colleen   - June 2010

#CT 4 – Triple Goddess
#CT 4 Triple Goddess - $39
Maiden, Mother and Crone invite us to
celebrate the changing Wheel of Life.


#CT 14 –Sea Goddess - $39
Yemaya — Ancient Sea Goddesss,
Priestess of Water, Oceans and all Sea Creatures –
with her symbols of trident & mermaid tail


#CT 11 – Green Man
#CT 18 – Faerie Braid

Click image for detailed image

#CT 11 Green Man - $39
Protector of the Green World...
Keeper of the Cycle of Rebirth


#CT 18 – Faerie Braid - $39

Faeries tending the never-ending Celtic Braid
of Balance, Truth, Beauty, and Joy are being
watched by lurking, lascivious Satyrs.

Purple, Water

Back in Stock - Limited Edition

Click image for colors and detailed image

Click image for detailed image

#CT 10 – Tender Waves - $39
The oceans of feeling we share
know many tides and changes.
Mermaid and Merman play in the
watery spiral of Life, Love and Unity
Water - Limited edition

#CT 17 – Dragon Gathering - $39
Elemental dragons of the
4 Directions embracing
the Sacred Circle.-

Scarlet Red, Purple

#CT 101 Cycle of the Ages - $39

Sacred Geometry of the Heavens and Earth.
The Zodiac Signs of eons and the yearly cycles
harmonize with our own human cycles.

or Teal - Out of Stock

Click image for colors and detailed image

Click image for colors and detailed image
#CT 102 Peace Angel - $39


#CT 103 Night Dragon - $39

Guardian of our dreams and of the treasures we seek in depth & darkness. Fertility – the unconscious lunar self; germination to death.

Purple or Blue



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