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such as Circlets,  Medieval Belts, and Minoan Bee Pendants.

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Magic Dress in performance

Magic Dress

"It is absolutely amazing! I received the magic dress and it is beyond all my expectations. The color is perfect for me. It fits like it was made especially for me, it drapes and flows and is beautiful beyond words. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work to get me the perfect dress." - Fawn

The Magic Dress:
Magic dresses are an incredible invention! My personal perennial favorite – you look like a million and yet feel like you are in your jammies –fashion at its most comfortable, now that is a magical gift! You can wear your magic dress in a number of different ways to reflect your personal style and the moment’s feeling – it’s an “any and all” occasion dress. Say Magic Dress and click your heels three times…if you could appear in my showroom and try one on – we could play with the many ways to wear it…next best thing is to trust the thousands of women who already own one and wouldn’t be without it! Two sizes fits almost everyone…really!

Ceremonial Circlets:
Annie's Custom Handmade Circlet styles include the infinity circlet, the Winged Moon Circlet, the Triple Goddess, the Crescent Moon, Celtic Wheel, Celtic Pentagram Pentagram Fillets and more.

Wyrrd — On the New Website:
Ancient Circles popular, unusual and hard-to-find items including Goddess images, Ceremonial wear, Druid Robe, Wizard robe, Wizard cloak, Dragon Fairy wing skirt and fairy tunic and Pagan jewelry. If you are traveling to ancient sites, you will be happy to protect your skin, and look good while wearing our flowing jackets that fit most sizes and several genders.

Fantasy for all ages and for all budgets - With just a Celtic or dragon print scarf and sarong, you can make magic - take it from me - your fantasy designer. Have fun! Be happy! Honor the Past, Live fully in the present, and create your own symbolic and mythical future. . .

Blessed Be!
Annie Brigit Waters


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