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Mediavel Adornments

This is a custom order item
Contact Annie using the phone number below to order from this website
707-459-2418  and email

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       Celtic Pentagram Medieval Girdle

Celtic Pentagram
Medieval Girdle

Gold tone (bronze)
with carved stone accents
Available in jade green and purple onyx
#MBCPB ......... $170

Limited Edition & Limited Quantities
Call for Availability

Medieval Girdle

Nevern Cross Medieval Girdle
Click image for full view

Medieval Girdle
All girdles are adjustable up to 38" waist.
For custom sizes
please call

Nevern Crosses
$180 each style - made to order

Bronze Nevern Cross
#MB-GN.... w/ Jade Green Beads
#MB-MP ......w/ Mother of Pearl
#MB-O.... w. Black Onyx Beads
#MB-P.... w/ Purple Beads

TBBX-2 Tapestry Belt

Tapestry Belt

Tapestry Belt

Unique, adjustable 2" wide belt with Triskellion frontpiece
small Triskellion with tassel on front end.

For custom sizes please call

Matching Trimmed dresses as pictured are no longer available
but we do sell the belt trim by the yard.
Also see our trimmed velvet cloaks.

Silver Metal (Nickel) Tapestry Belt
We can make you a custom girdle in these silver-tone colors:
8, 9, 10, 13 plus white/silver knot or leaf.

#TBN ........ $80 Regular Size (waist size up to 35")
#TBNX .. $80 Queen Size (waist size 34" up to 45") 

These are custom made to suit your size and color!
Call 707-459-2418 for special orders not in cart.
Allow 3 weeks for the making.
Please advise your waistline size including front drop of 4" or so.
More Tapestry Ribbon Trim Samples for
Velvet Cloaks & Medieval Girdles

Tapestry ribbon 1 1/2 " wide:

Black/Silver Leaf

Black/Silver Knotwork

White/Silver Leaf

Blue/Silver Zoomorphic

Purple/Silver Zoomorphic

Tapestry ribbon 1/4 " wide:

White/Silver Knotwork

Black/Silver Bingo Knot

Green/Silver Bingo Knot

Purple/Silver Bingo Knot

Order these styles here or choose from More Tapestry Ribbon Trim Samples and call for availability: (707) 459-2418

Call 707-459-2418 for these orders.

Tapestry Belt Colors 

Tapestry Belt

Tapestry Belt Colors
Click to see all samples enlarged
#3 and #5 are not available

Bronze Tapestry Belt
#TBB  ......$80 Regular Size (Sale Price $64)
#TBBX....  $80 Queen Size
(Sale Price $64)

To order by MAIL with your Check or Money Order, click HERE

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