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Cloaks and Robes

Elvish Vest

Black Cotton Cloak
Price $100

(Woodsman's Cloak - same style as shown below)

Price $125

Woodsman's Cloak

"A hardy cloak for
peasant or pirate"

Forest camoflage colors
Textured, washable cloak for hardy activities,
Hooded and open front with tie closure.

#CLK-W Length 54 inches

Bark Brown, Natural Clay,
Regular Price $125

Forest Green
Woodsman's Cloak

#RW-BK - $135
Wizard Robe

Open front

Hooded, front and back gathered yoke.
Fits most people very well.

Classic ceremonial garb
in basic black cotton with peaked hood
(Unisex - fits S-XL women and S-L men).
54", Hand Wash.


#RW - Wizard Robe
Click on photo for larger image

#RD -Druid Robe
Click on photo for larger image


Druid Robe
- $135
Closed front
style robe
with front ties

Our Classic pullover ceremonial robe
(closed front) with fabulous hood in lifetime-tough 100% cotton twill

Two Unisex Sizes

LONG SIZE is Generously cut to fit
taller and larger men and women
up to men's 3X,
6' 3" tall (58 " long).
Sleeves are generously long also.
#RD Long Druid Robe - $135
Black, Natural (off white)

Fits Women Sizes M-XL
Men up to Size L (up to 5'8" tall)

#RDS Short Druid Robe - $135
Black, Natural
(off white)

Druid Robe

Classic pullover robe
(closed front) with
fabulous hood
in lifetime-tough
100% cotton twill

*ALL Robes have decorative knotted embellishment on front opening.
All have long self-ties.
Hand Wash to retain colors and length.


Click image to order Dragon Wing Tunic


#HCL - Long Hapi Coats - Unisex
Click above photo for larger image
This is an open front robe with solid black edging, which might not show up in these photos.

Red and Black Hapi Coat plus Wing Tunic & Skirt

World Famous Magicians: Chris Angel & Jeff McBride Photo (at right) taken during a filming of Chris Angel's popular television show "Mind Freak" (episode aired May 31, 2006 on A&E)   

Jeff and Hans
Chris Angel & Jeff McBride

World Famous Magicians
(2006 © McBride Magic, Inc.)

“The Mindfreak shoot was one of the more challenging I’ve been on,” said Jeff in a recent interview. “We shot in a dry lake bed outside Las Vegas, Nevada and while we were shooting there were 40 mile per hour winds gusting through the set. It was all I could do to keep the masks from flying away. If it weren’t for my years of performing in similar situations at the Burning Man festival, I don’t think it would have worked. Fortunately, what we ended up getting on tape was really spectacular.”


Our custom designs are worn in this wonderful fire dancing video -
If you are interested in ritual fire magick - you will love this video! . . .
Fire in the center and tribal dance around it . .

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