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Ancient Circles has sarongs in a variety of wonderful designs and colors, with multiple ways to use them!

"I love these wide shawls as a quick wrap when dressing up or going out."

Throughout history the world has known the shawl or sarong by
different names as well. "Sarong" or pare'o, sri, kanga, canga, sarong, toga & beach wrap. Sarongs are usually made of a piece of light drapey rectagular fabric. All of our Ancient Circle sarongs are made of high quality rayon to give you a comfortable fit and usability. Furthermore, the sarong can be used in many different ways. You can used it as a quick bathing cover-up, summer sexy skirt, shawl or scarf in winter, tablecloth, wall art and travel towel or beach blanket. But no matter how you use them, the sarong is definitely a piece of clothing that you need in your closet or suitcase! Of course, we suggest that you have several - in different colors to use as the mood arises.
Celtic Print Sarong and Scarf with Sholly Bag Zoomorphic Sarongs
Zoomorphic Sarongs

Celtic Print Sarongs
Celtic & Celestial
Hand Batik Sarongs


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Your sarong can be used as a skirt, dress, table cover,
wall hanging, curtain, pillow case, alter cloth,
or wherever your imagination leads. . .

See our matching scarves and gowns as well.

Color Swatches

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