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Raine Walker Masks
I walked among the trees
I wore the mask of the deer

(remember me, try to remember)

I am that laughing man
with eyes like leaves

When you think that winter
will never end

I will come.

You'll feel my breath,
      warm at your neck.
I will rise in the grass,
      a vine caressing your foot.

I am the blue eye
of a crocus
opening in the snow

a trickle of water,
a calling bird,
a shaft of light
among the trees.

You will hear me singing
among the green groves of memory,
the shining leaves of tomorrow.

I'll come with daisies in my hands,

we'll dance among the sycamores
once more

(Lauren Raine -1997)

Annie and Brian in Fantasy Masks
Artist Lauren Raine proudly crafts
these individually handmade
& painted layered leather masks.

Incredible works of art that look
great on the wall and on your face.
Amazingly comfortable to wear!

#MGM - Green Man
"Restoring the Balance",
Honoring Cycles of Nature
Ritual calling of Earth elementals

#MFF - Fairy Moth Mask

the Faery Queen,
Honoring the Otherworlds
ritual calling Element of Air

$98 each

To order by
MAIL with your
Check or Money Order, click


Greenman - Winter Solstive Event 2006 - Willits, California

Like the ancient Celts
who refused to duplicate
an exact image of any
living creature,

I distort the picture I paint
of you, not from disrespect,
but from some still and holy
reverence of who you are.

As I behold in awe the
essence of your being,
I am blinded by your light,
relying only on second sight
to see beyond the mist of time
enfolding us.
The gifts you bear to me
glitter as golden as the
crowns of kings. I am blessed,
then blessed again, each time
you cast your eyes to see me standing
in wait of some distant tolling.
You listen mindfully to my song;
you ken my meaning.
When I bend my knee to
look into the river,
it is your reflection that I see.

Alyce Guynn  © May 6, 2002

Greenman Mask Louie

Greenman Mask Louie 2

The mask arrived just on time,
it fit like it was made for me
and the greenman was
well received!!

As a token of my gratitude
and as promised
here are a few pictures of myself
as the greenman.

The pictures without the
green makeup are the new mask.

Thanks again!


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