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The Sun Moon & Stars

Moon Phase Circlet Necklace

Moon Phase Circlet Necklace

(3/4"sterling silver discs)
comes with a jewelry pouch

#MOON.......................... Regular Price $159 Sale Price $130

with 12 mm or larger
moonstone on the center piece
(colors vary)

#MOONS .................... Regular Price $180 Sale Price $150

Moonphase Circlet/ Necklace - 9 phases of the moon with moon dream carved bone center
Click image for enlarged view

Moon Phase Circlet/ Necklace

with Moon Dream carved bone center
#MOON-MF . . . $126.00

Triple Moon Circlet with center moonstone or spectrolite
Click image for enlarged view

Pentagram Ring

Pentagram Ring
Solid Heavy Silver, sizes 6 & 7
#PENT-R........... Regular $60

Pentagram Circlet

Pentagram Drop Fillet / Circlet
#CBP - bronze  ...................... $19.00

Luna Pendant with Hematite
Click images for enlarged view

Moon Pendants
#LUNA ... $35.00

Hand Carved
9-piece Moonphase
Necklace / Circlet
Strung on
strong vinyl line
#MOONC-WH - White Bone
#MOONC-BK - Black Horn


9-piece Moonphase Necklace



Triple Moon Phase Necklace/ Circlet
with center moonstone or spectrolite

#MOON-TMS . . . $69

Triple Moon Necklace/ Circlet -
Sterling Silver
#MOON-TM . . . $44 Sale Price $29

Triple Moon Necklace/ Circlet with Moon Dream carved bone center

Triple Moon Necklace/ Circlet
with Moon Dream carved bone center

#MOON-TMF . . . $58.00

Searching for Spiritual Anthropology

Searching for the Spiritual Anthropology of ancient and modern cultures…that is why I travel…looking for evidence of our human ability to govern ourselves from a spiritual and ethical ground…. I imagine the lives of those ancient people – being closer to the natural world, making relationships with extended families, with tribe, with traditional forms of structure and respect. Did we ever really live this way? Could we do it in the future? I know the times are challenging – and we may lose hope some days, yet to find it again in each other’s eyes. I long for the simple sense of trust that would seem to be a human birthright. In community – with life-affirming values that come from a shared sense of being related to all beings, all life.

The designs and symbols that make up the core of Ancient Circles have come from the urge to share and re-member this possible past and future, and I continue today to look for universal symbols wherever I travel. If we were to wear and share our deepest beliefs – “to wear our heart on our sleeve” – could we transform the way people see us, the way their minds would think after they looked away….to make a change in their day? To find a sense of play? To choose a better way? I believe it is so, has always been so, and will continue to offer you all the opportunity to make it so. Try telling someone that your earrings are a reminder of wholeness or balance, or that you love your necklace because it reminds you of the cycles of moon through dark and light. Their thinking will be guided and possibly transform their view of the sky and its mystery!

Enjoy our offerings, and remember why you choose your adornments. By the way, the maker of this hand carved moon cycle necklace is Putu Ardana, and he thanks you for helping to support his family in the beautiful town of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. He will make anything we want – to our design requirements….ideas anyone?

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