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Wings of Isis Dancer's Wings

Wings of Isis Gold

We all love to dress up and what can be more fun than wearing and dancing in these gorgeous ISIS DANCING WINGS!!

Our beautiful Dual-Color Isis Wings are the most deliciously wonderful, shimmery stuff! You instantly become larger than life, and everyone looks good dancing in these wings with only a few minutes practice! They look like a lovely cloak when worn in the back & you can easily grab the slim rods to lift them up when needed.

Made of lustrous metallic lamé fabric that appears to shift colors as you move...

This special item is being made by Egyptian craftsmen. Each set of professional quality wings is handmade & comes in its own storage & travel case.

Priced at $130.00

See Clips from Wings of Isis belly dance performance by Aphrodite on U-Tube

Wings of Isis - Deep Green/Purple
Deep Green/Purple

Wings of Isis Lavender/Gold and Green/Gold
Lavender/Gold and Green/Gold

Wings of Isis - White and Gold

White and Gold

Wings of Isis

Two photos above by Amy Luna Manderino

Theatrical Lighting on Gold Wings
Theatrical Lighting on Gold Wings

deep blue
deep blue
gold wings
green / purple


Lustrous metallic lamé fabric featuring narrow bias pleats, removable Lucite® rods with protected tips, and a fancy beaded neckline on an adjusteble collar. Overall wings are slightly shaped to a curved outline, making an unusual line of spiral as you spin.

51" inches long from the neck to the edge, and fits average heights of 5'4" to 5'9".

20% lower cost than most wings of same or less quality anywhere...

#WI - $130.00

Special Order: Gold, White, Black, Silver,
Red, Dark Blue, Golden Amber, Bronze

Call 707-459-2418 for Current color list

Call or Email Us for current color availability. This item is shipped within 5 days of order, sent separately from other items.

This item is sent separately from our other products, and you will be charged approximately $10 shipping/handling fee via Ground UPS. Faster delivery service is available upon request and is subject to additional fees.

Wholesale Inquiries call 707-459-2418, subject to availability.

Wings of Isis - Gold
Wings of Isis - White and Gold

Photos above by Amy Luna Manderino

Papillon Wings Dancer at Earthdance
Photo by Bert - Visit Papillon's website at

Wendy Copperfield flies through the air with the greatest of ease....
wearing our wings and a trimmed dress with sleeves.

Click any image for enlargement
2006 Winter Solstice Ritual & Spiral Dance
featuring Wings of Isis - Willits, California
(all photos on this page by Jerri-Jo Idarius unless otherwise noted)

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