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Fancy Dress and Wedding Gowns

Clothing That Makes You Feel Like a Queen

For any occasion that calls for your
fanciest dress, cloak or fairy wings,
look below:

Be thee a Medieval Bride, Handfasting in a Majestic Castle,
Great Hall or Romantic Nature Setting?
Are you a Modern Bride wanting an inexpensive but quality dress
with a fabulous fit,
the sense of mystery and romance from a Period dress,
while looking your very best from coiffed head to perfect toes?

We have Attractive and Flattering wedding attire at an amazingly low price you cannot pass up! Adjustable fit, attractive price, great quality of seam and trim, a sense of romance in the style — this is what our wedding dresses can do for your special day!!! Look below....

White Magic Dress

Magic Dress

Our Magic Dress comes in a variety of colors with white especially appealing for weddings. The two layers of this truly magical dress allow you to wear it in at least 12 different ways! It flatters almost all body types and sizes. Made in Morocco from an incredibly soft, drapey, bias-cut rayon blend.

Dry clean only.

Regular   - $180.00
X-Large  - $190.00

#DMS - Long sleeves, Regular
#DMS-XL - Long sleeves, Larger size
Regular size fits up to size 18

#DMSL - Sleeveless, Regular
#DMSL-XL - Sleeveless, Larger size
XL fits sizes 18-24

Forty colors are available on special order: see the color samples HERE. Call 707-459-2418 to special order. Shipped Separately

Annie, I got the dress yesterday! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it! It is perfect for my wedding! I wanted to thank you again for all that you did to get it to me. I really appreciate it very much.  Jenn

Cascading Sleeveless Coat

New Design! Introductory Sale 15% off!

Elegant velvet in a flattering fit open front cascading coat/vest in great classic colors.

Fits & feels just right, very comfortable, and goes on easily over just about anything while looking like a million. Great evening wear.

One size fits Small up to 2X
Poly Velvet, made in the USA.

Black, Purple, Blue
$75   Sale price $64

Also shimmering 2 tone colors:
moonlight silver (shown)
$80   Sale price $68


Isis Wings
with Permanent Pleats in Lightweight Metallic Lamé
#WI - $130.00
54” - Butterfly shape - Call for color availability 707-459-2418
(pictured) worn as a fantasy cloak over a white magic dress

Wings of Isis
Wings of Isis w Magic Dress
Wings of Isis
White Wings of Isis

Trimmed Velvet Cloak
#CLKRT - 54" - 150.00

Trimmed Velvet Cloak 1 Trimmed Velvet Cloak 2 Trimmed Velvet Cloak 3
Trimmed Velvet Cloak 5
Trimmed Velvet Cloak 4
Trimmed Velvet Cloak 6

100% Rayon Velvet
A regal, rich look with
your choice of tapestry trim.
Choose from these many trim colors

Custom Work requires up to one month lead time.

White $175.00

See more colors and cloaks


Trimmed Velvet Cloak

Accessories and Men's Clothing
Nevern Cross Medieval Girdle
Moonphase Circlet/Necklace with Moonstone Centerpiece   
Men's Clothing
On Sale 50% off

To order by MAIL with your Check or Money Order, click HERE

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